Body Therapy

Therapeutic Massage

Unwind with the healing power of a therapeutic massage! Whether you're looking to ease those sore muscles or just finally deal with some tension, this therapeutic massage is the perfect choice to make sure you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. (Plus you can totally brag about it on social media!)

30 min   $60

45 min   $70

1 hour   $80

90 min   $135

2 hours  $155


Body Treatments

Paraffin Hand Treatment       $20

Our Paraffin Hand Treatment will give your hands a rejuvenating spa experience with its natural, wax-based formula. Enjoy ultra-soft skin, reduced wrinkles, and healing benefits all at once! 

Soothing Foot Treatment         $50

Experience deep skin hydration starting with a relaxing foot soak. Followed by a customized conditioning foot treatment. Our customized foot treatment is designed to envelop feet in a soft, soothing cream, locking in moisture for long-lasting effects. This treatment is followed by a lavish foot & calf massage. Enjoy soft, supple skin and an unparalleled feeling of indulgence from our Soothing Foot Treatment.

Sugar Scrub Back Polish        $75

Indulge in the luxurious Sugar Scrub Back Polish: a deeply satisfying, sensorial experience designed to leave your back feeling soft and revitalized. Our exclusive sugar scrub formula gently exfoliates, removing dry, dull skin and revealing the smooth, supple texture beneath. Enjoy this pampering ritual and soothe away stress with a relaxing, deluxe treatment that's sure to invigorate the senses.

Sugar Supreme Body Scrub   $90

Experience luxurious spa-level skin care with Sugar Supreme Body Scrub. Our all-natural ingredients gently exfoliate and nourish your skin to reveal its natural beauty. Our scrub is enriched with skin-loving oils to lock in moisture and essential vitamins, helping to promote healthy skin. Get softer, smoother skin with one treatment.